Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Crate Project

It's a good problem to have...shipping work off for exhibition.  But it is a problem, especially since I've never dealt with it before.  Oh, there was the time that I shipped a giclee out to McKenzie Bridge, OR, and got charged nearly $85.  That's when I decided there had to be a better (cheaper) way.  Back in March a couple of wood crates got shipped to the gallery and that got me to thinking.  So I went to Home Depot, bought some 1 x 6 pine boards, a sheet of thin plywood and a box of screws....and by 10:00 that night I had a magnificent crate!  It shipped out yesterday for $15 (FedEx marveled at my handiwork) and I'll soon find out whether it made it to the Mile High City in good shape.


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