Saturday, March 17, 2012

A new painting in progress

I started a painting on panel in January.  Here are various stages of the underdrawing, and below, the imprimatura with the addition of some whites.  The imprimatura is the initial color put over the underdrawing (in this case, red ochre with transparent red oxide).  It serves to unify the painting and will express itself even in the final painting.  The whites are applied by mixing dry white pigment in an emulsion.  After the whites are fully painted, I will work on the darks.  After this underpainting stage is complete, I will begin the process of adding color.

February 10

February 12

February 19

March 1

The whites are built up using dry pigment - a mix of zinc and titanium white - in an emulsion medium. Once the whites are built up, the darks are worked in.

Working in the darks: This is a transition from the drawing to the painting stage.  I continue to use emulsion as the medium with dry pigment.  This keeps the underpainting very "lean" and is in keeping with the "fat over lean" addage.  The underpainting is considered lean because there is very little oil in the emulsion and none at all in the dry pigments. 

March 22

March 27

March 28

April 5

April 6

detail from April 13
April 15
April 20

April 22

April 29
June 2


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